If you live in Michigan, a few simple modifications and a quick state inspection are all that's needed to get your SxS street legal! Our experienced team can get you compliant with Michigan form TR-54 in no time!

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    • Headlights (one each side, high and low beams)

    • Turn signals (front and rear)
    • Taillight (at least one, if equipped with two both must work)

    • License plate light

    • Brake lights


    • Horn
    • Bright light indicator
    • Windshield wipers
    • Windshield washers
    • Brakes (adequate to stop and hold the vehicle)

    • Parking brake (required on ORV/UTV for on-road use) 

    • Safety belts (1965 and newer models)


    •Safety Glass (no plexiglass, sufficient size to protect driver and passengers, no cracks, no obstructions, non-transparent material prohibited)
    • Outside rearview mirror on driver’s side (adjustable)


    • Bumpers (required on passenger vehicles, 14 to 22 inches above the ground)

    • Tires (2/32 inch tread, no exposed cord or tread separation, approved for highway use by D.O.T.)

    • Exhaust (good working order, no excessive noise. Must include a tailpipe and resonator where the original design included a tailpipe and resonator)

    • Differential gear

Watch Dan review Michigan TR-54 for Side by Side street legal requirements

Frequently Asked Questions about converting a SxS to be street legal in Michigan:

Q: Does D3 Customs sell parts online for street legal conversions?

A: Not at this time! But we do have plans to offer this in the future as soon as possible!

Q: Can D3 Customs perform all services required by the Michigan Form TR-54?

A: Yes as long as you bring your side by side to our shop in Michigan. Please call ahead for an appointment

Q: Does D3 work on all makes and models of side by sides?

A: Most models newer than year 2000. Please use the custom quote form to get more information!

Q: Do you offer a Michigan DOT approved parking brake?

A: Yes, however they are offered as an installed system only.

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