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5" Weatherproofed SXS GPS Bundle

5" Weatherproofed SXS GPS Bundle

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Whether the 6" model won't fit your build the way you'd like or you're just looking to save some money, our 5" weatherproofed GPS is the way to go! This unit is packed with all the same great features as the 6" model, so you don't have to sacrifice an ounce of quality while upgrading for your next adventure. 

What makes D3 Custom's Weatherproofed GPS the best?
This isn't your grandma's GPS unit who's only purpose in life is to get her to bingo night once a week. Ohhhh no. These bad boys are built tough by us, avid outdoorsman, who needed a reliable solution for our own winter trips. We've rigorously tested our weatherproofed GPS units over YEARS, so we're confident they'll stand up to all the elements you throw at it. The D3 Customs GPS unit is the perfect solution for all outdoor vehicles.

Putting your toy into storage for the season? Transfer it to your daily driver and use it there too!

Customized for your SXS
Every SXS is unique. So how can you be so sure it's going to look nice on yours? We've spent years designing and installing these weatherproof GPS units and obsessing over making them look perfect on every model SXS we put them on. If your model is listed, we've 100% made sure it's going to look perfect for you.
Our GPS units are weatherproofed using a proprietary system that ensures the device is both dust and water resistant. We start with brand new Garmin units, then apply our system to protect your device from both extremely harsh winter conditions and the hottest summer days. These weatherproof units are highly resistant to rain, snow, and other elements, but should not be directly submerged under water.

Year, Make, and Model Options
Choose your Year/Make/Model. We customize multiple elements of your order based on this information, so it's critical you be as accurate as possible. We want this weatherproofed GPS unit to fit perfectly on your ride.

Mapping Options

We've hand selected only the best trail map choices that could keep you busy a lifetime. Maps are fully "routable" which means your unit can guide you to an end destination, and use the trails as the preferred method. Maps can integrate directly with Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp, allowing you to directly interact with the map to assist in trip planning. When customizing your GPS, you can choose any map regions you would like pre-installed on the GPS unit before we ship. Many regions offer separate ORV and sled maps that you can buy together or separate. Price and map coverage varies.
Map region options:

  1. No maps preinstalled- or you may load your own maps when
    you receive the unit.
  2. Midwest maps preinstalled- Covers all of Minnesota,Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. The map pack features points of interests, roads, forest roads in national forest, water features, public land data, state parks and recreations areas, non-motorized hiking trails, and more.
  3. Northeast maps preinstalled-Includes the best trails in the
    north eastern US and even Canada. The northeast map pack
    includes many US states such as: Maine, Vermont, New
    Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York. Also included are
    the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec.The map
    pack features thousands of easily searchable restaurants, gas
    stations, hotels, trailer parking locations and amazingly scenic
    views to find along the trail. Maps are from GPS Trailmasters.
  4. Appalachia ORV only trails preinstalled- Covers many major trail systems
    in North & South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky,
    and Tennessee. Includes full road coverage, lakes, rivers, towns,
    points of interest, parking lots, lodging, gas stations, public land/
    state & national forests, non motorized hiking trails, and more!

Power supply options

Be sure to pay attention here as incorrectly wiring your GPS could damage either the GPS or your vehicle, or cause parasitic battery drain.

A)Car charging cable. This is the standard power cable that comes with the GPS unit and plugs into a traditional 'cigarette lighter' socket. 

B)Basic hardwire kit- this kit relies on you either having an accessory power option or a switch that will kill the power to the GPS.

C) USB power port kit with cord- this is a power adapter that goes into your cigarette lighter and gives you a USB outlet. Includes a cord that is compatible with powering your GPS unit as well.

Mounting options


Each make and model of SXS is a little different, so getting a mount that holds your GPS safe and secure can be a challenge. We guarantee fitment for the provided make and model.

A) If you have your own mounting method, great! You can purchase the GPS unit without a mount. Be sure to use the correct mount for your SXS to ensure it doesn't end up lost on the trail!

B) If you would like a mount, choose "SXS ram mount" and we will receive a ram mount that is guaranteed fit the SXS you choose in your make/model selector. There are some makes and models we need to 3D print custom pieces for to fit appropriately. 

C) Flush dash mount. Certain makes and models work best with a flush dash mount that holds your GPS directly against your dash. 

Backup camera available

The 8" model has an optional backup camera available that will display a live feed right to your GPS screen. This is especially useful for SXS where rear visibility is minimal. The camera is the Garmin BC40 wireless license plate mounted camera. 


Free standard ground shipping is available on all products on our site. Please keep in mind it takes up to 48 hours for us to process and pack your custom unit before it is shipped. So there will be another 3-5 days of shipping on top of that. Sometimes your make and model may require a special mount we must prepare. Tracking information will be sent by email after your purchase. 

If you need expedited shipping and processing beyond what you see on the website, please call us and we can give you a quote. 



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